Flavors: candy apple, blue raspberry, blueberries and cream, bubble gum, grape soda, cherry cheese, cotton candy, orange creamsicle, strawbanana, watermelon, wild cherry, and strawberry shortcake

Stock Number: LR120
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- Tessa's Bulk Lollipops 120ct.
- Tessa's Lollipop Floor Display 360ct.
- Tessa's Lollipop Wood Display Tree 120ct.
- Tessa's Lollipop Counter Unit 60ct.

SRP: $0.79
Shelf Life: 24 months

McJak Candy lollipops are gourmet, using a gravity depositing technique, we produce smooth and clear lollipops full of flavor! Nothing compares to the gourmet style and we guarantee you'll notice the difference. The savory taste of one of our lollipops will last about an hour.  Let yourself enjoy one of our 13 flavors.

I just tasted your lollipops for the 1st time yesterday and they are the best!
— Barry C.
I just tried your root beer flavored lollipop at an event & it was amazing!!!
— Channie
Love your gourmet lollipops they taste so good and last a long time. Wish you made them in sugar free too. Your prices are the best I could find on line for these.
— Marsha from Franklin Pa