Flavors: milk chocolate, dark chocolate sea salt, milk chocolate almond, white chocolate macadamia nut

Stock Number: TB12-XX
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- Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Toffee
- Milk Chocolate Toffee
- Milk Chocolate Almond Toffee
- White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Toffee
- Francine's Toffee Floor Display - 48ct.

SRP: $3.99
Shelf Life: 4 months

Francine’s gourmet toffee is made from scratch in our family owned candy factory in rural Medina, Ohio.  Each small batch is cooked in a kettle over an open flame, hand poured and covered in a layer of chocolate.  Our toffee is fresh, buttery and delicious… just like homemade! Once you’ve had a taste you won’t be able to resist. Try our toffee today, Available in milk chocolate, dark chocolate sea salt, milk chocolate almond and white chocolate macadamia nut.

I love a good toffee, and Francine’s blew me away. I had the chocolate and also the macadamia. Both are phenomenal products. Thank you for your quality products!
— Rose from Medina OH
I’ve never contacted a company before to say “GOOD JOB!” I had your gourmet toffee in Francine’s macadamia nut flavor, and wanted to give you POSITIVE feedback. I’m a gluten-free medical-based, nutritional medicine chef and clinician and wanted to let you know your toffee is the BEST toffee I’ve ever had; AND I’M A VERY PICKY EATER. In this day in age of adultered food, we have a public health crises going on regarding quality so GOOD JOB making THE BEST TOFFEE ever, thats also gluten-free and kosher. Great job over there in your manufacturing area!
— Amy R. from California
It is the best toffee I have ever had.
— Jami W. from Mississippi