Christmas Story Fudge

Flavors: chocolate and chocolate walnut

Stock Number: FB12CS-XX
Shipping and Nutritional Information

- Chocolate
- Chocolate Walnut
- Christmas Story Fudge Floor Display - 48ct.
- Christmas Story Fudge Counter Unit - 12ct.
- Christmas Story Tin Fudge Floor Display - 24ct.

SRP: $4.99
Shelf Life: 6 months

“A Christmas Story” OH Fudge is available in chocolate and chocolate walnut featuring an image of Ralphie from the classic holiday movie. OH Fudge is hand stirred in copper kettles using the finest ingredients creating a smooth and creamy texture.

We bought some Christmas Story Fudge back in Dec. and the store only had 2 boxes.We then went to another store and they had a big shipment.Grabbed about 10 boxes and ran out the door yelling like 2 little kids.Gave 2 boxes as gifts and wound up keeping the rest..LOL...Best fudge ever in a store.Better than homemade because the taste is Great and no clean-up afterwards.Keep up the good work...Oh FFFFFFudge!!! YUM :)
— Mark & Teresa from ConoverNC
Oh, my gosh!! My husband & I just tried your “Oh, Fudge” regular & white peppermint fudge. It was so good, we were making noises while eating it. You have got a customer for life!! I bought the “ Oh, Fudge” because it made me think of my father. He loved a “ A Christmas Story” as do we. That was marketing genius as I probably would not have bought a box. So glad I did. Keep up the good work.
— Melissa from Texas
I can’t stop eating it!
— Keely A Hurst from Illinois
Just got some of your “A CHRISTMAS STORY” FFFFUDGE, (Both kinds). We can not stop eating it! The best by far than any other, no better ANYWHERE. We are certainly looking forward to trying all your products in the future. Thanks for keeping it sooooooo gooooood.
— A.D.
I just love the Christmas Story fudge. It’s the best I’ve had in years. I wish you made it all year round. Cause I would buy it all year. Can I freeze it and eat it later? I’m going to buy as much as I can.
— Diane G from Arizona
I purchased some of your A Christmas Story Fudge for the second year in a row and it is just as delicious as last year. Great fudge and a genius pairing with my favorite Christmas movie! I’ll be giving it out as gifts this year too.
— Dan B.
I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your fudge is. My aunt got me the creamy chocolate “A Christmas story” fudge, for Christmas. I can see this is going to be my new go to.
— Shannon R. from New York
Found one last box of “Ohhh ... Ffffudge!!” Jan 3 at the Jewel Foods in Countryside IL. We love the movie and Ralphie, so I bought it. Glad I did. Delicious fudge!!
— Steve M. from Illinois