Larry Johns: In The News!

Larry Johns, owner of McJak Candy in Medina, Ohio, is known as the "Willy Wonka of Medina" due to his candy-making business that produces millions of lollipops and cups of cotton candy daily. Despite his success in the confectionery industry, Johns is equally passionate about astronomy and space exploration. He owns two telescopes and has created the Helios Project, an interactive solar system display along Champion Creek Trail in Medina. Johns is excited about the upcoming total eclipse and plans to share his collection of space-related artifacts, including a 281-year-old space atlas and a meteorite, with the community during a special exhibit at the Medina Recreation Center. He also has pop culture items like a spaceship prop from the movie Independence Day. Johns is eager to make the eclipse experience memorable for all who attend his exhibit and is looking forward to the celestial event in Medina.

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