About McJak Candy

Our Mission

To produce great tasting confectionery products using our homemade recipes, ingredients, and traditional cooking methods.

McJak Candy Company is a family-owned candy factory located in Medina, Ohio. Founded in 1982 in the kitchens of Karen McCurdy and Bill Lonjak, we pride ourselves on producing high quality, homemade candies for fundraising and retail. We’re proud to offer a wide selection of delicious treats ranging from home-style fudge to delicious toffee, from cotton candy to gourmet lollipops — all made one batch at a time.


The McJak Candy Company facility and products have been featured on CNN, the Today Show, The Food Channel, and numerous publications, such as Playboy magazine. In 2012, McJak earned and maintains Edition 8 certification against the Safe Quality Food (SQF) program. This certification is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative, retailers, and foodservice providers around the world as a credible food safety control and management. All products are made in the family-owned candy factory in Medina, Ohio, and the milk and butter used in the fudge come from cows that are happy to call Ohio dairy farms their homes. McJak Candy Company believes in giving back to the community, and donates thousands of lollipops and other products to local charities and the food bank each year.

We produce all of our gourmet confections in our 65,000 sq. ft. facility.