The History of Fudge

McJak Candy carries on the tradition, meticulously crafting each batch with love, reminiscent of the 19th-century origins of this timeless confection. We're not just sharing fudge; we're inviting you to partake in a legacy of shared happiness and homemade excellence. From its accidental beginnings to its place in the hearts...

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The Sweet Thread Through Time: The History of Cotton Candy

Delve into the captivating history of cotton candy with "The Sweet Thread Through Time." Uncover the origins of this beloved confection, from its unlikely beginnings at the turn of the 20th century to its global popularity today. Join us on a whimsical journey through the sweet nostalgia of cotton candy's...

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In the News 2022

McJak Candy: News Highlights McJak Candy is proud to be a local, Northeast Ohio business. We have been fortunate over the years to be featured in multiple news outlets, where Larry, our CEO, has been able to share and talk about all the delicious candy that we make in house....

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