Cotton Candy

Cotton candy, believe it or not, was invented in 1897 when dentist - yes, dentist - William Morrison teamed up with Tennessee confectioner John Wharton to create the airy sugar concoction. First marketed as “fairy floss,” cotton candy was sold in 1904 at the St. Louis World’s Fair.

Even though this treat has been around for more than a century, McJak Candy brings some fresh approaches to this timeless classic. We have cotton candy with new innovations and flavors, such as Sour Blue Raspberry, Birthday Cake, Unicorn, and Creamsicle. And cotton candy is no longer just for the kids, so grab yourself a tub, or 3, of McJak's delicious cotton candy. 

We offer all of these special flavors to help satisfy individual tastes. No matter the color or blend, cotton candy will continue to delight boys and girls as well as anyone who is a kid at heart. What’s your favorite? Give something new a try or treat your family and friends to a treat that will make them smile in an instant.